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Hi, Srol here on behalf of grim visages. If you're going to behold something today, why not a grim visage?

Miniature cabinet of curiosities project, I'm ALL DONE 

Hooray! I finished a project!!

I tend to look at things I've made and fixate on the details I wish I could change, but overall I'm happy with this one

I got so hasty when I could see the finish line that I forgot to take separate photos of 2 of the things I made: on the 3rd shelf there's a mummified Egyptian cat, and on the bottom shelf there's a (real) green quartz crystal in a wrought iron holder. Everything else is detailed upthread

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every time someone mentions "tinker, tailor, soldier, spy" my brain replaces it with "rinky tinky dinky doo"

tired: character growth
wired: a personal pan pizza that I will not share with anyone

i kiss the rat on the lips in a fit of excitement about finding goodness left in the world. startled, the rat bites me and flees. several days later, in the throes of an unpleasant but altogether survivable disease, i hear distant jingle bells. is this the true meaning of christmas?

[the carol of the bells begins playing]

thus concludes the wolfteeth holiday special. the darkest day of the year is tomorrow? you don't say

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lying down in a ditch until a friendly rat appears to tell me life isn't all bad, and in fact, there is a moldy pizza crust right there for the taking. miracles are all around us

ahh, traveller. I see you have a more discerning taste. Care to take a look at... Theeeeese?

-opens trenchcoat, revealing a bunch of pockets that each contain a single sleeping mouse-

driving myself to madness listening to a spotify playlist of every version of carol of the bells that they have

could 20th century peoples have constructed this without help from the stars?

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