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What I do is an art, and as an artist I might consume only the finest art to help fine-tune my own instrument.

Well, I gotta go. I gotta hide in the library by the Dave Barry books and jump out at every passerby to ask if they want to start a podcast with me.

ALSO *ALSO* for webcomic day: issue 1 of my comic DOUBLE BLIND is still free to read on! It's an erotic thriller about a lovelorn chef who finds an amorous bodyswapping AI inside her new cybernetic arm. Issue 2 coming later this year (ideally) (hopefully)!

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ALSO for #webcomicday: my previous (now finished) webcomic EPIPHANY is also free to read on! if you enjoy religious furries having existential crises, it'll be your jam. also the 10th anniversary of its completion is next year!! just an interesting fact!!!

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also for #WebcomicsDay: i write SPLIT CHECK, a comic that my partner @itsnero draws for
! it's an erotic slice-of-life story about working in the restaurant industry and it's SO GOOD. you can subscribe to Slipshine or follow to read it!

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eyyyy today's #webcomicday !!! my queer hacker webcomic Crossed Wires is currently on a bit of a hiatus due to Too Many Work Projects but it's still free and still good

Every six months or so for the past several years, I've been doing a thread on Fedi about where to buy ebooks other than Amazon. It finally occurred to me that I could write it once, put it up on website, and update as needed, rather than constantly reinventing the wheel.

So, here we are. (And in spite of the title, this isn't JUST about eBooks)

(Please share your own links in replies, I'll add them to the list as I have spoons.)

(i take you on a tour of my town) 

i meet you at the station. i've brought an empty wheelie bin, which is open. "get in!" i offer, and you do. i wheel you around town in the wheelie bin (lid open, your head is poking out of the top). i show you all the sights of my town. i keep stopping to catch my breath. "are you ok?" you ask. yeah i'm just a bit "out of puff". i say this every time it happens. you tell me you could get out of the wheelie bin. no, i insist. this is the best way to see my town.

Long time no post... but I wanted to show off something I made!

An implementation of the Library of Babel, as described in Borges' famous short story. Explore it's pages from your browser, or search for some specific text to find it's location.


pink parallax

did this one a long time ago for college. was an exercise for us to learn how to do parallax animation with html/javascipt

[ #art #PixelArt #MastoArt #animation ]

What's your Dick Tracy character name and how were you murdered? Mine is Penny Fartripper and I was punched into an open manhole.

The story behind this is wild: Someone in Texas found this bust at the thrift store, and paid $35 for it. It turns out it's actually 2000 years old and was probably looted by an American soldier during WWII from a replica Roman villa in Germany that had some genuine artifacts as well:

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When you ask to stop at the taberna, but Mater says "No, we have bread and cheese at home."

Our opening hymn, "My Solid Gold Brain is Large and Impervious" can be found on page 45 of your misallette. That's "My Solid Gold Brain is Large and Impervious" on page 45.

Monthly sketchbook is up! Mostly behind the scenes work this month.

Support independent gay art and comics with the $2 tip tier or only $5 a month for a sub!

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #patreon )

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