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Get your creative juices flowing, fellow linoheads! Start your carving new art for the month of October with these prompts. Since linocuts are a bit more involved, I'm sharing these in advance to make sure your hands and sanity are preserved for this exercise.

You can only post your results starting October 1st, and use #linoctober, #LinOctober2022 and #QueerLinOctober to see all the art!
#mastoart #linocut #linocutprint #linocuts #linocutprints #inktober2022

Collect a scraping from the side of your local Buffalo Wild Wings and grow your own at home. The Supreme Court says you can do this but for personal archival purposes only.

This is a shot in the dark, but I'm looking for any information about an obscure text adventure game--so obscure I don't the name or even if it had a public release.

Daniel Gasteiger was a guest on a 1986 "Chronicles" episode on macros. He demonstrated a text adventure he wrote in the Lotus Symphony office suite using macros. All we have is the single page of text from the on-air demo.

Gasteiger passed away some years ago, so I can't ask him about it. Anyone around here know anything?

if you want to be a writer its very important you learn all about pens. HERE ARE the best 100 pens you can buy/ here are the best 80 pens should buy. Different types of pens. How do they make a pen? My number 1 recommendation to get ahead in the literary world is to use a pen made from 100% original Ancient Roman Aquatic Concrete. the ink is blood - your own. the Aquatic Concrete recipe was lost for 1500 years. You will be a successful writer

We should stop using the term "birdsite" for twitter. Clearly this is a much better birdsite:

Had a busy month but managed to make this comic, which will be debuting at the shortbox digital comic fair in october. Here's the deceptively serious cover (the comic is puerile)


I gotta go, my funnybone got a case of "laugher's guilt"

This kind of smart, walkable, mixed-use urbanism is illegal to build in most American cities

floating about the living room and shooting lightning from my eyes

skeleton leading a wedding reception in performing the electric slide

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