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Oh, were we supposed to write #introduction posts? I didn’t know that.

Okay! I’m Dana. Pronouns she/her. I write and draw the syndicated comic strip/bestselling book series “Phoebe and Her Unicorn.” Before that, I used to do a reasonably popular webcomic called “Ozy and Millie.”

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Please suggest: instances with non-white admins or mods 

I would like to be able to make recommendations to BIPOC who have been scared off by the (non)moderation of and some of the other bigger instances.

If you know of an instance where there are non-white people who are doing the moderation (and also that the moderation is good) please let me know.

Thank you, comrades! <3

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My brain: Please…fill me with useful knowledge for once

Me: But the oldest flamingo in the world died in captivity at age 83 🥺

My brain: [breathlessly] holy shit

attention locals at here are our most important custom emojis :anxietyskelly: :ed_209: :beautifulscreamer: :cool_horse: :mellified_friend:

gibbon: beyond the trees spoilers 

my poor gibbon avatar repeatedly falling into flames in the forest fire level, because i am too stressed about my gibbon wife and baby who are both controlled by the computer

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gibbon: beyond the trees spoilers 

we will find out how beautiful and powerful they are in the second part of the game, which is about the baby gibbon. all grown up, swinging thru the forest to find and free other wild animals from poachers. this part sounds a little silly maybe but idk, i'm part of the ferngully generation. this works for me. also a nice payoff for the extreme dread i felt seeing my character's mate (an npc) carrying the baby into more and more perilous situations

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Any moment now, as Christmas and (American) Thanksgiving get closer, people will start posting suggestions of things to donate to food banks and 'Reverse Advent Calendars'.

I can't stress this enough:
Just. Give. Money.

Food banks can usually get more bang for their buck than you can.
They'll probably be able to give you a tax receipt for money, but not for cans.
And it lets them buy, store, and distribute food in the volumes they need and can handle.

(Please boost to make sure people get the message.)

#FoodBanks #FoodInsecurity #Christmas #Thanksgiving #Charity #JustGiveMoney

gibbon: beyond the trees spoilers 

i am proud to say that i have successfully rescued my precious child from the pet trade. i think they will grow up to be VERY beautiful and powerful

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i went onto steam to buy pentiment (the new video game about the medieval period in europe) and found out that gibbon: beyond the trees is now available. it is a videogame where you are a gibbon and must survive the trials and perils that human beings bring into your world.

i got obsessed with the old dos game wolf in the early aughts (on a mac running dosbox). this gibbon game is extremely my shit

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German illuminator: ...and you see here?

Rich patron: ah! A donkey performing acts of labor as if he were a man! Hysterical!

Illuminator: and if my lord drew his attention to the contents of the donkey's wheel barrow...

Patron: yes, I see it is filled goodness, are those turds? Oooooohahaha OHHHH HO HO HO

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TERFs? more like FARTs (feminism appropriating ridiculous transphobe)

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I didn't understand mastodon and federation until I watched this video

always asking myself "what do i even want from social media" and i think the answer is "i want to type stupid things into a box and have my friends give me treats and snacks as a reward. not too many tho. don't want a tummyache :("

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Album cover art for my friend and multi genre musician, Maru.
Album is titled "The Last" and is a progressive black metal project based on The Last Unicorn. It will be available on December 16th 2022 on Spotify, and other major music platforms. I was given the pleasure to hear it and it's really something, I'm excited to hear the final draft.
Different than my usual style, I wanted something more atmospheric to compliment her work.

rude dog AND the dweebs? in THIS economy????

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locked in eternal battle against the instinct to say "love you" when leaving a work call

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rat christmas, i gave you my rat
but the very next rat, rat rat rat rat rat rat

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