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A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

the solution for all problems on the internet is logging off. unfortunately my doctor has forbidden me from logging off, for my health

“Most of them accepted namelessness with the perfect indifference with which they had so long accepted and ignored their names. Whales and dolphins, seals and sea otters consented with particular alacrity, sliding into anonymity as into their element. A faction of yaks, however, protested. They said that "yak" sounded right, and that almost everyone who knew they existed called them that...”

the fediverse has drastically altered my expectations for social media reach, so now i think a toot is really popular if it gets like ten faves. i'm blowing up if literally anyone outside my own followers list boosts one of my toots

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i really need to watch star trek: lower decks because everyone* is so excited about it

*two people on my TL

unless the main players of these games are uncannily symmetrical television leading men, in which case i cheerfully withdraw my statement

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Generic White Handsome Man doesn't look like the players of these games, he's not a mirror. he's an idealization that's so boring i want to take a nap. c'mon at least put a weird hat on him. give him different haircut and a mustache. i don't know

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trying to imagine being a person going into a character creator and not wanting to change the hair or skin color or eye color or anything. add accessories. make your character taller or shorter

im planning to become sexy at some point in the future

going to win the nobel prize for inventing a way to turn people into delightful musical skeletons. i could wait for it to happen the natural way but those skeletons never sing and dance. they just lie still in the cold earth

Never forget my friend asking me, "Why do they call it Six Flags? Is it a disputed territory?"

TIL Raul Julia played Dracula on Broadway in the 70s, and Edward Gorey designed the sets.

Batman, The Joker and all related characters, logos and indici
rodemarks ol DC Comics Inc. 1991 all rights reserved. © 1991 Sunsolt
HAHAH ha m

i have a plan now. i'm turning into a large flightless bird and running away to a beautiful grassy savannah

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