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mellified.men has a small, restricted membership of folks we know and expect to act in good faith, both to members of our instance and the rest of the fediverse. As a result, we're pretty laid-back. But we still have some rules and guidelines.

This is not a legal document. These rules are applied according to the administrator's discretion.

Code of Conduct

These rules apply to all users, both on mellified.men and on remote instances that interact with us.

Remote users are often on instances with different rules than ours. We accept this. However, remote users that post material that violates this Code of Conduct may be silenced from our public federated timeline. Remote users who engage in harassment (even if we're not involved) may be suspended from interacting with us.

  1. No trolling, bullying, or harassment of other users, on this instance or elsewhere. If someone asks you to leave them alone, you are expected to do so.
  2. No endorsement of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
  3. Put topics that may be upsetting behind descriptive content warnings. Use your judgment - but respect the boundaries of others if they ask you to put material behind a warning.
  4. Put images that could be inappropriate for children or public/workplace viewing behind NSFW warnings. This includes graphic violence, sexuality, and images that may be shocking.
  5. Do not repost the contents of other users' private or followers-only posts without permission. If you see a private post that is abusive, report it, and an admin will take action if needed.
  6. All content uploaded to this service must be legal in the United States.
  7. No spamming or otherwise abusing this service. This includes followbots and other bots that interact with users without their consent.
  8. If you do something shitty that isn't on this list, you may be given a warning, silenced from the public timeline, or have your account suspended at an admin's discretion.

Instance Blacklisting Policy

mellified.men may prevent any remote instance that significantly deviates from our Code of Conduct from posting to our instance's public timeline. This is called "silencing" and does not prevent anyone on mellified.men from following users from that instance, or vice versa.

If any instance becomes a significant source of harassment or annoyance, consistently posts content that is illegal, or refuses to moderate these categories of bad behavior, we reserve the right to suspend its ability to federate with us completely.

Administrative decisions in this area are not taken lightly, and are final.

Custom Emoji

This instance makes use of the following third party emoji sets:

We also use some emoji copied from other instances, for which the license is either public domain (freely released) or unknown. Unfortunately the license information doesn't federate automatically when the emoji is copied. If you see us using an emoji you created and would like it acknowledged here, please contact the administrator via direct message with the emoji shortcode and link to the creator/license terms.