Terms of Service

Like a majority of social web services, mellified.men is a benevolent dictatorship. We try to be fair and generous in dealing with what we see as bad behavior, but in the end administrative decisions are final.

This service is provided as-is and makes no promises of uptime or availability.

Privacy Policy

The administrator of this instance will not use user data on this server for any purpose except to provide the Mastodon service. This includes:

  • Transmitting your content to your followers, who may be on other Mastodon instances.
  • Backing up user data for recovery from system failures.
  • Handling abuse reports.
  • Investigating server bugs.

No user data from this instance or the wider network will ever be sold or otherwise exploited by the administrators of mellified.men for any purpose.

Privacy Advisory

Public and unlisted posts on this server are visible to the public, and could be indexed, searched, or otherwise made available by third parties via the wider internet. The administrator of this site cannot prevent this.

Followers-only posts could be made public if you are followed by a malicious user, or one from a non-Mastodon server that does not understand followers-only posts. It is recommended to monitor your followers and remove anyone you don't want to see your followers-only posts. If you are posting sensitive followers-only content, it is best to lock your account so you can manually approve all followers.

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