Terms of Service

Like a majority of social web services, mellified.men is a benevolent dictatorship. We try to be fair and generous in dealing with both bad behavior and honest mistakes, but in the end administrative decisions are final.

This service is provided as-is and makes no guarantees of uptime or availability.

Privacy Policy

The administrator/owner of this instance will not use user data on this server for any purpose except to provide the Mastodon service. This includes:

  • Transmitting your content to your followers, who may be on this instance, other Mastodon servers, or servers running other Fediverse-compatible software.
  • Backing up user data for recovery from system failures.
  • Handling abuse reports.
  • Investigating server bugs.

No user data from this instance or the wider network will ever be sold or otherwise exploited by the administrator/owner of mellified.men for any purpose.

Instance Blacklisting Policy

mellified.men may prevent any remote instance that significantly deviates from our server rules from posting to our instance's public timeline. This is called "silencing" and does not prevent anyone on mellified.men from following users from that server, or vice versa.

If any instance becomes a source of harassment or annoyance, consistently posts content that is illegal, and/or refuses to moderate bad behavior, we reserve the right to suspend its ability to federate with us completely.

Administrative decisions in this area are not taken lightly, and are final.

Honey Mummy Central

A cozy little tomb full of friendly ghouls.