Someone in our office put a little basket full of k-cups next to the machine with a price of $1.50 which offends me on a personal level. Why not $1? Why $1.50? SO DUMB

I have thought about this more and I am madder! It's one thing if this is company-sanctioned, in which case they definitely need to drop the price. It's another thing if just some random employee did it, in which case it's kinda shitty to profit off your coworkers.

@jgarfink Your company doesn’t offer coffee options for free!?


@gabek No, and believe it or not, the k-cup machine is a major upgrade. We used to have one of those crappy coffee machines that cost 30c per cup and had "lightener" instead of non-dairy creamer and it was TERRIBLE

@jgarfink It sounds like you work in an abusive workplace. I’m sorry you go through this.

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